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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  December 25, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> you are watching al jazeera live. coming up -- >> there are fears that it was a trap. there were as a car in a house that was involved in flames. >> two are dead. investigators say the man were ambushed while responding to a fire. a policeman died after mass protests in india as people .emand women's protection thousands take to manger square in bethlehem to celebrate
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christmas, and we will show you how others around the world are celebrating the holiday. anti-government rebels in syria said there in control of the border town with turkey. around 700 people have crossed the border to find refuge in turkey. more than half of a million people have fled from syria, and the syrian president bashar al- assad has said he would do whatever he can to end the violence to on boy -- envoy lakhdar brahimi. zeina khodr, what about this
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story that they have taken the border town? >> it is a small town, but there has been a long, difficult fight over three months. they have had between 100 and two hundred soldiers held up. was a difficult fight for the rebels. strategic, it is not in the sense that it will allow them to make further advances, but the rebels are trying to clear the border region from government forces. when now, they control most of the border region aside from a main border crossing. >> what about the context with lakhdar brahimi's visit to damascus? >> well, as we know, very little progress on the political front,
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which means more fighting is expected, but what we have been seeing is a new influx of refugees. they are writing from the province of hama, where the rebels opened a new front a few days ago, pushing into the countryside, and they are pushing further, trying to reach the city of hama. the government is striking back with warplanes, shelling areas. up to 700 syrian refugees have not been registered, but others have been crossing the border illegally. the fact that there is no political settlement in sight, that means more refugees will be finding safe haven, especially since most of them say they expect the government to put up a strong fight. hama is a strategic town.
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>> what about health of the refugees, as winter really hits hard? >> it has been very difficult. according to turkish authorities, they are now hosting 150,000 refugees. those that are registered. others that have the means to survive have rented apartments or lived with relatives, and a new camp has been built for a new wave of refugees. they are also building a further six refugee camps, expecting to absorbent up to 50,000. people are cold, hungry, and it is not only a question of refugees. they might be more likely than those that are displaced from one village to another. as long as there is no political settlement, we will see more
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suffering. civilian refugees are tired and when you ask them what kind of solution they want, they will see any solution. >> zeina khodr, thank you. christmas celebrations within syria have been overshadowed by violence. mass was performed in the afternoon instead of the normal time of night because of security as christians say they're praying for peace and security. thousands are finding refuge in neighboring lebanon. >> the remembrance of christians that have died during the war in syria. ♪ this church is in a lebanese city, near the border, where hundreds have taken refuge. this is for the martyrs in
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syria. the mass part of efforts to consult the people that came here looking for safety. several thousands are estimated to live crossed into lebanon since the start of the conflict. families brought their children to attend christmas carnival's. christian churches have arranged gift for all and have started to give aid to the families. >> we have received 420 families that came here suddenly. it is tough, but god making things easy. >> it is clear that the amount of aid is not enough, and it is a challenge to reach everyone. iman is a mother of five. she came from aleppo with her
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husband and children, and they live in a cramped space for 2000 dollars a month. >> yesterday, we started talking, and they said this was not like what we know. things are tough over here. >> as christmas celebrations go on, and others try to enjoy it to the fullest, she tried to keep putting smiles on faces. >> two firefighters in new york have been killed and two others injured after being ambushed by a convicted killer. they were lured by a fire started by the attacker, who committed suicide. >> firemen rushed to the scene to put out flames, but they are
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shot, with two dead and two seriously injured. >> we were assuming he was shooting from a high-ground advantage where he had barricaded or set himself up with weapons to shoot the innocence responders. >> the victims are michael chiapperini and tomasz kaczowka. this is the man that killed them, william spangler. police say he had a long criminal record. the killing of the fireman has been making headlines in the u.s. where the gun has killed the innocent. >> it is really heartbreaking for these families and is people, and what they have to go through, and so close to a holiday. >> the shooting comes over one week after adam lanza killed 20 people at a school in newtown,
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connecticut, sparking a debate about gun nuts. >> we not only have to get a handle on gun control, but the mental health issue. we have been turning people lose, and i think we have gone too far. there are people that need to be in institutions that are a danger to themselves or others. >> president obama has announced a task force to look into gun control, and several members of congress are planning bills for the new year. some say it should not be so easy to buy a deadly weapon, but the gun lobby has made it clear they do not intend to give up the right to bear arms but with more innocent people die in by the bullet, something will need to be done. >> the people of newtown, connecticut, are observing a somber christmas.
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support has been pouring in from across the world as residents come to terms with the killings. 20 children and six adults were gunned down, prompting renewed debate about gun control. police in china have rescued 89 children in a major sting against child adoption gangs. police say they started investigations after reports in several provinces human trafficking remains a serious problem. in 2011, over a hundred thousand children were rescued. the united states has passed a resolution expressing concern over the treatment of thousands that have been displaced. the nonbinding resolution calls on the government of myanmar to investigate abuses.
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two people have been killed in that country after a commercial airline missed the runway. 63 passengers were on board when it came down. 10 others are injured. a fire swept through two rows of apartments in the philippines. six people were killed, and thousands are now homeless. it is not clear how the fire started. it is thought the electric circuit might have been overloaded with holiday lights. an indian policeman who was injured during a demonstration in new delhi has died. the 42-year-old was reportedly beaten up by front esters. -- protesters. >> the barricades are up, and there is a heavy security presence with police lining the streets that were popular with
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protesters. the government has shut down all roads leading to the city center. the protesters say they will come in rally, and the process will go on despite the violence over the weekend. the police are investigating the death of a constable who was injured. the police have arrested a few people. they're going through television footage, and they're calling for witnesses to come forward the chief minister has ordered a high-level probe into allegations that police disrupted the reporting of a statement from a 23-year-old gang-rape victim, made from her hospital bed. her condition is deteriorating. >> how a gun buyback program is hoping to keep the streets safe.
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>> i am in thailand, where the mayo change, tuesday, 8:30 p.m. eastern, 5:30 p.m. pacific. >> let's get an update on our
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top stories. anti-government rebels say there controlling on the border of turkey. two firefighters have been killed and two others injured in the u.s. state of new york as police say they were lured to a fire set as a trend. the gunman, a convicted killer, committed suicide. police in india have sealed off parts of the capital to try to put an end to protest. there have been large and the dutch government protest in -- anti-government protests in iraq. the exiled was president has spoken about the issue. >> there is a clear-cut indolence in the government in addition to the human rights. we cannot even offered to our people in four province is a
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normal life. to be as a sunni, you are either considered a terrorist, a loyalist -- you name it. to be a sunni, many acquisitions. there's a lot of evidence that they're being discriminated against, and they're facing intolerable sectarian agenda. >> the results for the votes on a new constitution in egypt will be visited at 17:00. two turns are in favor according to polls, and the opposition says it should be discounted because of low voter turnout and alleged violations. >> the constitution does not
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represent the people. this constitution is not when of national consensus, but of national division. our position is to fight until we change this constitution and replace it with another. >> the u.n. has held a memorial service of four russians killed when a helicopter was shot down during a reconnaissance mission. the south sudan said they missed ticket for a sudanese plane. security has been stepped up in nigeria to try to prevent a repeat of the christmas big bombing. it was the second year and a role a group targeted churches. they want to impose law. >> it is asylum christmas for this tephra church. exactly one year ago, when
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people -- catholic church. exactly one year ago, a suicide bomber killed 44 people, and injured scores of others. the healing process has been slow and difficult. many people have left the community never to return for good terror that i am now talking to a man who was in church -- good. i am not talking to a man who was in church that day. >> people have tried their best, but they're still afraid. the mass was not well-attended. but there is fear. [indiscernible] it is a trust. >> thank you and so much.
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>> thank you very much. >> there is evidence they're having a hard time dealing with the attacks. >> south africa's president says nelson mandela is looking better after two weeks in the hospital. hundreds prayed for the recovery in a christmas mass, and the 94-year-old is said to be responding to treatment for a long infection. -- lung infection. authorities in mexico city have started an exchange program to try to reduce the level of gun- related violence. the gun crime has claimed more than 60,000 lives across mexico in the last six years. >> mexico city's latest weapon in the fight against gun crime
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-- a gun buyback scheme designed to take firearms off the street and replace them with cash and gifts. >> is principally concerned with avoiding accidents and violence against citizens. if children can take them and cause problems. >> exchange point is near the mexican capital, where youth crime is among the highest. last month, a 10-year-old boy was shot dead during the showing of a disney movie. it has been met with mixed feelings. >> residents should come and leave their guns. why have a gun at home? it is dangerous for children. there are a lot of accidents involving children who take guns to school. >> it will be very difficult because they will have to be limited a huge industry. that is how they make a living. it would be good, but it is
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difficult unless they change the laws. >> civilian gun ownership is illegal unless the owner buys the weapon from the government- run shot. since monday, this amnesty have seen 60 people turn in their guns. >> venezuela's opposition leader says hugo chavez will not be stripped of the presidency if he cannot make it to his inauguration. he is in cuba, recovering from a fourth cancer operation. he does the constitution would call for a new vote within 30 days. hugo chavez won his fourth term in office in october. an austrian city is on track to become the first eu capitals to introduce public transport.
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not everybody thinks it will get cars off of the road. >> nobody knows exactly how much pollution will be cut, but the city hall and the mayors say it will be the flagship of the grain movement in europe. not everyone is so enthusiastic. >> of course i think about the environment, but i'm afraid the dozer -- that those that are used to traveling by car will not use the system. >> if the price of fuel was hired, people might not use car s, but people will not use it just because it is free. >> i do not think it really is free, because we are paying taxes. >> three-quarters of voters backed the proposal in a referendum. ho only one-fifth of those
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eligible took part in the polls. -- only one-fifth of those eligible took part in the poll. the opposition here says this is less about the clean environment, and more about political hot air. the mayor denies he is simply trying to win votes and says the scheme will pay for itself by attracting more business. >> i want it to be the green capital of the eu. >> some estimates say it costs $19 million, the waste of public money. >> there will have been no significant decrease in car transportation, or increase in public transport. that is why it is political. >> it is an idea that is catching on. they hosted a reception for
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other european cities interested in adopting the scheme. now everyone is watching how far they get down the line. >> in tough economic times, many shoppers have become even more cost-conscious. new style is making it onto the rack in a blink of an eye, but what is the cost of the cheap clothing? >> for the western world's fashion conscious, times have never been so good. new styles make it to the streets in the plight of the night, and cheap labor has brought -- in the blink of an eye, and cheap labor has broad this to the forefront. ever since a boycott hit but of the most rock -- recognizable brands, retailers like gap, h &m have been accused of using a
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sweatshop labor, but the good news is they have all smartened up their act. those inside the industry say it practices are different. >> they do all they care and to audit the factories that supply the goods they sell, and that means sending out people to look as often as is practical. obviously, that is not foolproof. you cannot have an inspector in every factory every day of the year, but they try to achieve the best standards and those factors -- factories. >> recent disasters are a reminder that the global fashion industry has victims. >> we had a factory collapsed in bangladesh with 250 dead. why is this acceptable but it is still happening? just because it is not under our noses? why is that acceptable?
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>> it is still happening, she argues, because big chain's demand rapid turnaround the lowest possible price. she says ethical fashion means retailers recognizing the flaws of the system they created. shoppers, despite the collective power they sometimes yield, often do not give consideration to the close and where they are made. >> it is something i have considered. i do not buy them from large supermarkets, but i tend to buy it. >> as long as consumers buy cheap fashion, retailers will provided for them. the monetary cost is low. the human cost, however, is sometimes still far too high. >> thousands of people from around the world are in bethlehem to celebrate
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christmas. worshipers attended mass at the church of the nativity, which is on the site of were jesus christ is believed to have been born. from bethlehem, here is james ferguson. >> the celebrations in nativity square are much more quiet than yesterday. the main attraction has been christmas eve, where a large party happens and crowds gathered to hear musical performances. we also have the pomp and circumstance of the church as a roman patriarch moved to the scare -- square. last night, the crowds here largely dispersed, and today it is quiet again, with really a christmas service. there will be prayers' drop the day, but largely a much more subdued and meditative stance today. >> for many people, it is christmas day, december 25, and
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the festival is celebrated in many different ways across the world. let's look at how some people are marking the holiday season this year. ♪ >> wow. ♪ ♪
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